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Posts Tagged ‘Scams’

Recession Effects on Making Money Online

By Mohnish On May 20, 2009 3 Comments

So what do you think about recession? Increase in unemployment. Selling/Losing of property to pay mortgages and loans. More people losing their jobs will make them do ANYTHING to generate income.

There are good and bad news with this scenario to making money online.

Good News
More people are looking to make money online are willing to do the same jobs at a cheaper/half the price which settled professionals do. This decreases the cost of the entrepreneur/investor and makes him start his business at a low budget. These professionals again lose out on jobs and are willing to compete with newbies and beat their pricing by working for a cheaper price. Again, the beneficent is the entrepreneur. So the best job during recession is of a entrepreneur/investor.

Bad News
There will be an increasing number of scams in making money online. As we are aware that there are still a lot of scammers out there trying to catch potential fish and make an online income, illegally. The people who have lost their jobs are the group of people who are targeted by these scammers because they are ready to do ANYTHING to generate income.

It is beyond us to control these issues but we can always make others aware so that they don’t lose their hard earned money in some online money making scam. Feel free to blog about this even if your blog is not related to making money online and help fight scam!


By Mohnish On November 7, 2008 No Comments

It seems there has been an attempt recently to distribute a trojaned version of WordPress via some form of phishing scam.  It seems this attack relied on exploiting an old version of WordPress which had not been upgraded and changing it to point at a different site for one of the dashboard feeds.  The site was then offering a trojaned install of a version of WordPress 2.6.4 which does not exist.  The site has now been shutdown so it is nolonger possible to get hold of this Trojaned version but it does hilight the importance of upgrading when a security release is made.

As I have said in my response in the article on The Register

We recommend that people upgrade as soon as possible when we release a security release so as to ensure they are not vulnerable to issues which will likely have exploits in the wild. Also in the upcoming 2.7 release of WordPress we are including a built-in upgrade mechanism within WordPress which will allow people to upgrade automatically with ease.

I would however stress the need with any piece of software to check that an upgrade is real by visiting the website of the software provider manually rather than relying on a link that you have been provided. Otherwise, as with bank phishing scams there is the potential for someone to trick you into doing something you didn’t want to do.

Source: Westi