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My mistakes…changes to Sensonize.com

By Mohnish On October 10, 2009 10 Comments

I’m extremely sorry for not updating the blog for over a month now. I have been busy with college, studies and Limespace Networks. It’s been extremely difficult for me to work on all the things together and writing a blog post about make money online on Sensonize.com isn’t easy. It takes me at least 2 hours to write a post on Sensonize.com which includes the research, reading other blog posts about the same subject and then writing it down in my own words.  Second, I lost interest in Making Money Online via blogging after launching Limespace Networks which has been running pretty successfully. I had forgot that the money I invested in Limespace came from blogging….

I have been extremely active on Social Media websites and from my past experiences and suggestions I have got from my friends on these websites;

Mistakes I have made:
1) Sensonize.com shouldn’t be limited to make money online or blogging.
2) Sensonize.com should also cover social media stuff.
3) There should be more of tips and tricks rather than a 400-500 word post about the method on how something is done.
4) Tools and applications should be shared. Including hacks/plugins for blogs.
5) Writing of content more often.

Yesterday, I was talking to @Annkur on Gtalk and he told me that the content on Sensonize.com is good and people like it. But the problem is, I don’t write as often as other bloggers which makes my readers lose interest/unsubscribe to my blog. (Thanks Annkur! I appreciate your tip! 🙂 )

Changes coming up soon:
1) New content, fresh writing and more of Social Media stuff.
2) Freebies and discounts 😀
3) The blog being updated at least 5 times a week

and more..

I will try my best to update the blog as often as possible and post fresh content. (Hopefully, which is found on very limited blogs or none).

Let’s have a new start…Cheers! 🙂

Happy Birthday Sensonize.com!

By Mohnish On July 31, 2009 22 Comments

Yesterday, Sensonize dot com turned a year old. Last year was a beautiful year and brought many changes to my life.


Sensonize.com stats:
I never give out my blog stats. The reason is simple, I don’t want everyone to know how fast I am growing 😛 (It’s a PJ! lol)

Blog Posts: 164 (Avg. 13 posts a month)
Comments: 820 (Avg. 5 per post)
Tags: 642
Categories: 26
Spam Blocked: 4,511
Earned online: $x,xxx (Sorry, it’s confidential! :D)

Thank you for reading Sensonize.com, it wouldn’t have been what it is if you all wouldn’t have been there! Let’s hope for another amazing year ahead! Cheers!

Sensonize.com is growing fast and my Twitter followers are growing faster! 😀 Last week, I got a PR 5 on my Twitter profile, which is excellent! Follow me on Twitter to know some quick tricks on how to Make Money Online in 140 characters!

Peace off!

Whats keeping me busy?

By Mohnish On May 11, 2009 6 Comments

4 days more and this blog wouldn’t have been updated for over a month! whoa! Ok lets get an update about whats keeping me so busy lately. First, I apoligize to all my readers for not updating the blog for almost a month and not even updating you guys where have I been.

Well..I was extremely busy with my exams which got over on 8th May and coming up next is my first perfect startup in which I’ll be putting thousands of bucks and alot of time.  So.. I’m working on a web hosting company. Yes, a REAL one! 😀 Its called – Limespace Networks. Let me just go ahead and and tell you’ll a bit more about Limespace and what will it offer to its clients. Since its a web hosting company many of you guys might think its another “UNLIMITED SPACE & BANDWIDTH” crap. But no! Its not the same old unlimited crap that 90% of the hosting companies are offering these days. We have a “Limit” but it is as good as unlimited.

Limespace Web Hosting Plans:

1. Basic Shared Hosting
1 GB Space
10 GB Bandwidth
Price: $2.95/mo or $34/year!
Order Now!

2. Pro Shared Hosting
5 GB Space
50 GB Bandwidth
Price: $4.95/mo or $58/year!
Order Now!

3. Advance Shared Hosting
10 GB Space
100 GB Bandwidth
Price: $7.95/mo or $94/year!
Order Now

You can use 100% of these resources provided to you! (As long as you don’t use over 15% of our 8 GB server) We provide dedicated plans with only 50% over selling on all our servers. This means if we have 2TB Bandwidth, we only sell upto 50% more i.e 3 TB to our clients. If our clients use more than 2 TB/month, we simply buy more bandwidth!

P.S You can use the coupon “SENSONIZE” to get 25% off your first order 🙂

If your interested in knowing more, you can follow us on Twitter @Limespace

I guess thats it for now, I will update the blog this month with more blogging tips and how to make money online ideas. Till then, Hasta La Vista! 😀

500 Subscribers!

By Mohnish On March 3, 2009 4 Comments

500 Subscribers! Sensonize.com has finally crossed a milestone! I have been busy with studies and exams hence have not been able to blog much. But I promise, there are more ways you could “Make Money Online”. In fact, I have another post coming up on “How to make money online with Paid Reviews”. If your interested in being notified when I post it, you can subscribe to my blog.

Sensonize.com has been growing extremely fast! In the past 7 months it has received 285k Page Views and 173k Visitors. Thats aprox 40k Page Views and 24k visitors every month! Thats not it! Now when you search for “Sensonize” or “Sensonize.com” on Google there are more than 20k search results!!

To mark this achievement Sensonize.com has got a new look, dofollow links and more content! 😀 As you guys can see, Sensonize.com  is now more SEO friendly, easy to look at and much better than the old look! Oh yes, I also got a new tagline for Sensonize.com – “I make money online by telling how to make money online”. Now many of you might think that this is the same as John Chow has.. But his tagline till last week said “I make money online by telling people how much money I make online”. After I changed it, I see him changing to a similiar one as mine.. haha!

New Platform for bloggers and Social Networkers
Sensonize.com ‘might’ come up with a new WordPress platform for bloggers and social networkers. It will likely be some what like Facebook but with a touch of blogging. The registered users can make their own blog(s) and will have 25 MB space to upload their images/videos/data per blog. I know Blogspot offers way more than this(They offer 1 GB space), then why? Why choose this? A simple reason would be latest wordpress with social networking. You can choose from a rage of themes and plugins to use them with WordPress 100% free!! But WordPress.com already offers this service for free, then why choose us? WordPress.com has limitations and ads(If you din’t know), but we will have NO LIMITS on the Bandwidth and will have only a backlink in the footer or a 468×60 banner in the footer. You can monetize the blog as you like! There are no limits to posting whatsoever! I’m still thinking over this and also calculating the total cost for this and seeing the features of the script. Kindly help me to test it here: iSensonize

From where has all this traffic come? My Targets…

By Mohnish On November 17, 2008 6 Comments

So basically the question is, from where is all this traffic coming?
All this traffic is from Social Bookmarking sites like Stumble and Digg.

I made 3 Targets:
1) Get huge traffic
2) Get atleast 100 subscribers before the end of this month
3) Make my visitors comment as much as I can

Target 1)
My 1st mission was to get as much traffic as I could. Why do people visit blogs? The answer is – “CONTENT” ..I get down to thinking thinking and thinking and I finally get an idea ! I was watching TV and there was this show coming up – Bindass Live! .The slogan of this show is “Speak your frekkin mind”. I saw the entire show(with the commercial breaks, lol) and the point I caught on the show was a one liner – “Humor, Entertainment and S*x Sells!”.

Okay my mission #1 was accomplished! I found the topic I searching for – Humor and Entertainment. My mission #2 was to publish an article which would be entertaining as well as loved by my readers BUT related to webmasters.. Well.. I went out Googling if I could find a link to this.. and yes! I did.. “Google” was the answer to everything! I published my article soon – Google ‘Suggests’ Stereotypes.

Mission #3 – Get visitors to read my content. Where could I get them? umm.. ahh.. Let me guess – Social Bookmarking Sites! I started bookmarking my article in Social Networks and guess what? The results are before you 🙂 There are almost 200 users online on the blog on average 🙂

I get almost 10k + Visitors/day just from Social Bookmarking sites and it feels great! I have achieved 1/3 of my target and still 2 more are left. I will update you’ll by 2nd of December about my targets and if I achieved them or not, till then do help me achieve my targets by subscribing to my RSS Feeds and commenting on my articles! 😀 and remember – Humor, Entertainment and S*x Sells! 😉