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Posts Tagged ‘Sify Broadband’

Sify Broadband Review

By Mohnish On August 5, 2008 2 Comments

Sify Broadband – A Well known ISP in India! 🙂
I have used Sify for almost 3+ years and I am satisfied with their services! 🙂

My Review:

Booking: I got my line connected within 3-4 working days (thats pretty fast) 9/10

Support on phone: Humble and Nice but useless when you want a refund for not using your internet for a month and being charged! would give them a 8/10

Connectivity: Very Good! You get what you pay for! (10/10)

Tech Support: Available from 7 AM-6 PM EVERYDAY!
Can say their Fast Enough! 🙂 Never needed the Tech Support(I guess just once) – Would rate them a 9/10

Pricing: EXPENSIVE! (Thats why I quit using it)(5/10)

Rating: On average 8/10

Worth the Money? – Not really as far as speeds are concerned! 🙂