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Making Money Online with Twitter

By Mohnish On October 31, 2009 15 Comments

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Remember the time when people said how dumb Twitter was? Not anymore…Twitter can now generate huge revenue for you. I mean really HUGE! This month, Shoemoney made over $15,000 from Twitter with his 73,979 followers. Mind you, he is still a small fish in the Twitter world.

I have about 5,500 followers growing rapidly and I have made $30 in the past week from SponsoredTweets. Not much, I know. But still it’s a good amount to start off with 🙂 Imagine, $30 for sending only ‘1’ tweet out! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

Join SponsoredTweets and start making money online! Signing up is free, and the returns could be rewarding! The ads are neat unlike Magpie which sends ads like ‘CAT FOOD – WISKAS, HOW DO YOU HANDLE YOUR FAX?’ etc..

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You can also read my other articles about how to make money online with Twitter:  My first Magpie payout, Make Money with Twitter (Magpie)

P.S You can get banned from Twitter search if you continuously tweet the same ads out. Be careful while tweeting the links and only tweet them once a day. Follow me on Twitter – @sensonize

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