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Posts Tagged ‘tmzhosting’

3 reasons why I like Tmzhosting

By Mohnish On March 12, 2009 5 Comments

I am going to list 3 reasons why I would recommend any start up blogger/webmaster Tmzhosting. I also have an amazing offer for you guys which happens to be at the end of this post.

3 Reasons Why I Like Tmzhosting

1) Pre Sales Support
Most of the companies provide pre sales support so whats so special about Tmzhosting? They not only answer all your questions in a professional way, but also answer them politely. Many companies have pre sales support which is very arrogant and extremely professional. Newbies might not understand what they mean.

2) Customer Support
They have A+ customer support and your tickets are answered within no time! Their customer support staff is polite and explains what you need to do step by step. If your moving from another host, they can move upto 10 websites depending on the plan you choose and also give you a month free (If paying for a year or more)

3) 99.99% Uptime!
Tmzhosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee! My website never seems to be down! If there are maintenance or any technical faults which need to be solved they always inform you before hand.

I don’t want to go in depth with the technical part, instead I want to focus on the things which really matter – Pre Sales, Support and Uptime are 3 major factors of a host. I strongly recommend Tmzhosting for Personal, Business and Professional users.

Get Started with a recurring discount!

This is a fantastic offer to move your website to Tmzhosting or to start your own blog. If you don’t like Tmzhosting or are finding difficulties in using it you can always move to another host without paying anything extra. No contracts, No pre payment!

Steps to get this fantastic offer:
1) Visit Tmzhosting.com and select the “Exclusive Webhosting Plan”

2) Enter the coupon “SENSSHARED

3) Proceed to payment

That’s it! 3 simple steps to get yourself Tmz Web Hosting for as low as $38/year + free domain + free SSL and + 2 months free! (on 2 years pre-payment)

This is a sponsored review for Tmzhosting. To get your company/website reviewed please visit our advertising page.

10 Things I Hate About Web Hosts

By Mohnish On March 3, 2009 7 Comments


1 – Over Selling
I hate over selling host that sell ‘unmetered’ hosting for the price of cheese burger! There is nothing unlimited in these world. If a host says, “Sir, You need our Mega World Class Deluxe Enterprise plan with UNLIMITED Disk Space and Bandwidth which costs only $4.95 a month” it won’t last for longer than a few months or their service is probably a dud!

2 – No Cpanel
If a web host doesn’t offer Cpanel – Its not a web host!

3 – Long Term Contracts
This is my personal opinion; I do not like hosts that charge yearly or semi yearly. I would like to try their hosting by paying monthly for a month or two and then decide if I would like to go ahead and pay for a year!

4 – Slow/Bad Support
A good web host will always reply to your ticket within 2 hours, A better one within 30 minutes and the best one ASAP! The web host must have a support staff which has basic knowledge of PHP/SQL so that they can help the customer better :)

5 – False Claims
This includes claims like 100% uptime, 1000 mbit speed, 27/7 support etc. Many web hosts do what they claim to (like TmzHosting), but many are just BSing!

6 – Sick Policies
I don’t like policies which restrict a client from transferring their domain to another registrar/web host only after 6 months of service. Some of their policies are really sick! So read their policies before you sign up. (This is the case with many web hosts these days)

7 – No Refund
The client has the right to have a refund if he has used the service for less than 7 days and is unhappy. Web Hosts should offer a refund if the client is not happy.

8 – Not offering an affiliate program
My personal opinion; Web hosts which offer an affiliate program are better than the ones which don’t. Reason: They allow their clients to make money with them 😉

9 – Ordinary Promotions
An ordinary promotion benefits you, an extra ordinary promotion benefits your pocket! A host charging $100/year for 10 GB Space/100 GB Bandwidth and giving a free domain/$50 Ad words/$50 Yahoo Credits blah blah would be an ordinary promotion; A web host giving you a 50% recurring discount with quality service – Priceless! 😉

10 – If its not…
To be honest, I couldn’t think of another one.. So my last one would be: A web host that doesn’t have “TmzHosting” in their name 😉

This is a sponsored post for TmzHosting. To get your company/website reviewed please visit our advertising page.

TmzHosting.com Review & Discount Coupons

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 5 Comments

mainTmzhosting.com provides SharedReseller, Proxy, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Services. TmzHosting.com provides a 30 day money back guarantee and has a rock solid uptime of 99.97% with 24/7/365 day support. Sensonize.com is hosted with TmzHosting and has never faced any downtime or problems so far.

Shared Hosting
Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Domains: Unlimited
Price:  Starts $5.50

Proxy Hosting
Space: 50,000 MB
Bandwidth: 110,000 MB
Domains: 25
Price:  Starts $10

Reseller Hosting
Space: 30,000 MB
Bandwidth: 230,000 MB
Domains: Unlimited
Price:  Starts $22.95

Dedicated Servers
Processor: Core2Duo E7200 2.53GHz
OS: CentOS, Fedora Core (4,5,6), FreeBSD 5.4,6.x, Debian, Windows etc.
Space: 400 GB
Bandwidth: 2 TB
RAM: 2048 MB
Panel: Cpanel, Direct Admin, Plesk etc
Support: Fully Managed
Location: Chicago, USA
Price:  Starts $219

Uptime: 99.97%
Speed: 100 Mbit
Panel: Cpanel 11 with Shared, Reseller, Proxy or Dedicated
Rating: *****
Worth it?: Yes! Well managed and good support.
Comments: Friendly Support and Good Hosting. Recommended!
Coupons: Listed below

So far, This is the BEST web host I have EVER used! There might be other companies giving more space and bandwidth for cheaper prices, but never the same quality! Their Basic Plan comes with Unlimited Space Unlimited Bandwidth for as low as $5.50/month. (Perfect for a high traffic website/wordpress blog etc, give it a try!)

You can try Hostgator, Hostmonster, BlueHost, DreamHost (<– I have tried them!) but when your tired finding a host and you give up, switch over to TmzHosting… Or Switch over to TmzHosting tomorrow and save your Money + Time!

Special TmzHosting Coupons/ Discounts:

– 5% OFF on Shared Hosting (For Life)

SENSPROXY Proxy Hosting for 15% OFF (For Life)

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