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Top 7 mistakes made by bloggers

By Mohnish On January 23, 2009 Under Blogging

Let me put some spotlight on the Top 7 mistakes made by bloggers. If your a blogger and your making any of the following mistakes, you need to change yourself 😉

Lazy to update your blog
This is a common mistake and is done by alot of bloggers.. So blog about anything if you don’t have a topic to blog about. Just blog about your blog updates, coming up stuff, changes etc etc.. This keeps your readers updated about you and your work 😉

Blogging only for money
This is the second mistake which is pretty common. Many bloggers don’t update their blogs until they get a sponsor for that post or they are “gaining” something.This is not only limited to reviews, but also to “Click my Adsense Ads if you like my blog” kinda messages at the end of your post. But they forget that they are losing subscribers/readers 🙂

Your view and opinion
Third mistake and maybe your most viral one. You might be a good blogger but you need to tell your readers what you think about a topic and not what others think.

Post Flooding
I won’t say that this is a mistake, but it isn’t good if your just flooding your blog by copy pasting the posts from another blog(s). You get search engine traffic, but its a waste.. They won’t visit again. If it is your original content and you are still post flooding, its useless! Your readers might not leave their comments. So make it a habit to make no more than 2 posts a day for a good reader followup 🙂

You can blog the cool way like me or blog the serious way! My way of blogging is a bit chatty style.. I do not concentrate much on my grammer and try to keep my articles in as much simple as possible.

Replying to your comments
If you don’t reply and interact with your readers.. your hardwork is useless! You need to interact with your readers to know what they want next from you. You will also get new idea about your next article.

Blogging for search engines and not your readers
Who are you blogging for? Search engines or your readers? Well.. Sometimes it is good to blog for search engines, but only ‘some times’.. Don’t make this a habit and lose your readers!

Not reading Sensonize.com
Your biggest mistake… 😉

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dalirin
    January 24, 2009
    9:17 am #comment-1

    Bloggers blogging for money has to update their blog. I was using PPP and I couldn’t update my blog regularly, and I got kicked out. I was using sponsoreview and I didn’t get opportunity. If you want to blog for money always update your blog.

  2. Monty
    January 25, 2009
    5:47 am #comment-2

    Yep.. 😀

  3. JWRmedia
    January 26, 2009
    3:44 pm #comment-3

    It seems like no matter how many times people have given the same information, there are always some who think they can slap a website online and start making a killing.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your last tip. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  4. online marketing blog
    February 28, 2009
    3:44 pm #comment-4

    i agree with most of your point but a blogger should get paid for quality work they do. Advertisements are not evil they are the life line of blogging. A Blogger put lots of work into their blogs , research, posting, interacting and promotion. it can take hours a week to work on a blog. Should they not be rewarded for there efforts?

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