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Who Is Hosting The Big Guys?

By Mohnish On August 22, 2008 Under Articles, Blogging

You’ve got grand plans for your blog. Naturally, it’s going to be big – really big. But before you hit your rhythm with insightful, savvy posts, there are practical considerations – like where to host it.

With so many web hosts to choose from, that’s no easy decision. That’s why we compiled this handy guide to where the web’s top 100 blogs (by Technorati ranking on August 8 2008) are hosted.

If they’re good enough for these guys, right…?

Top Blogger’s Favourite Web Hosts

This graph shows every web hosting company appearing more than once in the top 100. It excludes sites hosted in-house and Akamai’s caching service.

And the Winner Is…

Media Temple and Datagram are twice as popular as any other host on the list, ignoring free blog hosting (eg, BlogSpot) and in-house hosting (eg, AOL’s blogs). These two web hosting companies account for 19 of the top 100 blogs between them.

However, six of the Datagram blogs are published by one company (Gawker Media). Ignoring Gawker’s multiple votes, one host is clearly far more popular than the rest.

Media Temple
hosts over twice as many top blogs as any other web hosting company in the list.

Surprise Entries & Omissions

DreamHost are best known for offering cheap, shared hosting, rather than for hosting high-traffic sites. Given their customer offering – no SLA, no telephone support, no dedicated servers – it’s a surprise to see them make the top 100.

Likewise, we’re surprised to learn that eight of the top 100 blogs are hosted on BlogSpot – Blogger’s basic, free blog host – and Six Apart. None of the top 100 blog’s are using WordPress.com’s hosted service, a surprise given the popularity of WordPress itself.

The World’s Top 100 Blogs & Their Hosts

The list of top blog hosts in full.


Web Hosting

1. The Huffington Post
Internet-only news site specializing in political controversy.
2. TechCrunch
Profiles and reviews of new internet products and companies.
3. Gizmodo
Consumer tech news and reviews, focusing on gadgets.
4. Engadget
News, reviews and tips on all things gadget-related.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
5. Boing Boing
Cool stuff, cultural curiosities and interesting technologies.
6. Lifehacker
Tips and downloads for getting things done.
7. Ars Technica
News, analysis, and in-depth coverage of technology.
Hosted in-house
8. icanhascheezburger.com
Funny pictures of cats plus moggie macros, kitty captions and more.
9. ReadWriteWeb
Web technology news, reviews and analysis.
10. Mashable!
Social networking and social media industry news.
11. Smashing Magazine
For designers and web developers to make their life easier.
12. Gigazine
Japanese quirky stuff and funnies.
13. Daily Kos
Political community on the ‘state of the nation’.
14. Gawker
Manhattan media news and gossip.
15. Seth’s Blog
Views of marketing guru Seth Godin.
16. Official Google Blog
The word from the people who dominate web search.
17. TreeHugger
Green news, solutions, and product information.
18. Kotaku
Gamer’s guide featuring gossip, news and leaks.
19. Dosh Dosh
Online marketing, blogging tips and social media strategies.
20. Blog di Beppe Grillo
Gags that expose financial scandals and political corruption
21. PerezHilton.com
Hollywood gossip, juicy celebrity rumors and scandals.
22. Problogger
Helping bloggers earn money for their efforts.
23. Jauhari
Personal site of Nurudin Jauhari, packed with how-tos.
24. TMZ.com
Latest entertainment news, with celebrity gossip, reviews and more.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
25. Daily Blog Tips
Articles on blog design, SEO, promotion, monetization and more.
26. The Caucus Politics
New York Times politcal analysis and commentary.
Hosted in-house
27. PostSecret
Community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously.
28. Think Progress
No-nonsense, progressive political news.
29. The Wrong Advices
Tech news, blogging tips and assorted randomness.
30. The Consumerist
Shoppers rights and consumer information.
31. Copyblogger
Copywriting tips for blogging and online marketing success.
32. Threat Level Wired Blog
Daily briefing on security, freedom and privacy online.
33. uthink
Provides New Zealanders with a means to engage in debate.
34. Valleywag
Silicon Valley’s juiciest tech gossip.
35. TUAW
The unofficial Apple weblog.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
36. GigaOM
Technology news, analysis and opinions.
37. Neatorama
Cool stuff, funny pictures and offbeat news.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
38. Bits (NY Times)
Times’ take on business, Innovation, technology and society.
Hosted in-house
39. Joystiq
Video gamer news, info and reviews.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
40. CrunchGear
Gadgets and computer hardware reports.
41. Dooce
Personal musings and style tips from Heather B. Armstrong.
42. Talking Points Memo
Political news and commentary.
43. The Drudge Report
Ground breaking political revelations.
44. Scobleizer
Robert Scoble’s personal blog about Silicon Valley.
45. The Daily Dish
Politics, culture, faith, art, science and funny stuff.
46. Crooks and Liars
John Amato’s political views and insights.
47. Blogscoped
Unofficial site all about Google in its many forms.
48. TopTut.com
Dedicated to web development and design.
49. The Web Standards Project
Campaigns for adherence to Web standards.
50. Wired Blogs: Gadget Lab
Latest cool hardware news and reviews.
51. Zen Habits
Guide to achieving goals and creating success.
52. /Film
Movie news, reviews and insider chat.
53. A List Apart
Independent user experience and web design advice.
54. Autoblog
The auto industry inside track.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
55. Ben Smith’s Blog
Political News about the Democrats in 2008.
56. Wired Science
Best of the torrent of academic journal articles.
57. Kottke.org
Personal site of Jason Kottke, web designer.
58. Mac Rumors
Apple Mac rumors and news (unofficial)
59. Yanko Design
Modern international design news.
60. Freakonomics
Social commentary from the New York Times
Hosted in-house
61. Apartment Therapy
Interior design advice for stylish living.
62. The Sartorialist
Elegant and cool street fashion spotting.
63. Search Engine Land
News and information about search engine marketing.
64. delicious:days
Everything about food, for the gastronome in you.
65. Webware
CNET’s blog about Web 2.0 applications.
Hosted in-house
66. The Corner
Off beat reports from National Review Online.
Hosted in-house
67. VentureBeat
News about private companies and venture capital.
68. Microsiervos
Tech news and off-beat humor, in Spanish.
69. Political Radar
Reporting on politics and elections from ABC News
70. NewsBusters.org
News site opposing ‘liberal media bias’.
71. Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com
Views of lawyer turned author Glenn Greenwald.
72. TravelPod
Shared travel experiences from around the world.
Hosted in-house (TripAdvisor)
73. The Underwire
Everything from cars to culture, science to software.
74. Hot Air
Full-service conservative internet broadcast network.
75. Pajamas Media
Thoughtful news and opinion.
76. Seeking Alpha
Stock market news, opinion and analysis.
77. Signal vs Noise
Web design, usability and business.
Hosted in-house
78. Coding Horror
.NET and human factors analysis.
79. Deadspin
Sports news without access, favor, or discretion.
80. How to Change the World
Entrepreneurship, marketing, venture capital and evangelism.
81. Gothamist
New York City news, food, arts & events.
82. Google Operating System
About Google’s developments with online applications (unofficial).
83. Stereogum
MP3 Downloads, videos, news and giveaways.
84. Pharyngula
Evolution, development, and random ideas from a ‘Godless liberal’.
85. Engadget Japanese
Japanese version of top gadget news site.
Hosted in-house (AOL)
86. PaulStamatiou.com
Tech news, reviews and guides from a Georgia Tech student.
87. Danger Room
Wired’s military, law enforcement and national security blog.
88. mentalfloss magazine
Where general knowledge junkies get their fix.
89. Pronet Advertising%

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