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WOD: feedmyinbox.com

By Mohnish On August 31, 2008 Under Websites of the Week!

Its a nice sunny Sunday Morning.I’m sitting on my PC thinking which website could be blogged today under WOD.Okay.. I started thinking off about topics.. Games,Jokes,Freebies,Blogs.. Ahan… Blogs! I finally thought that today’s WOD should be related to Blogs!

Today’s site, http://feedmyinbox.com seeks to bridge the gap between Web feeds – a data format used for providing users with frequently
updated content – and your email inbox. Be it RSS, Atom or XML, the free tool simply requires you to type a URL
address that supports one of the feed formats, and will forward the updates to your inbox. It’s that simple!


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  1. Feed My Inbox
    September 2, 2008
    6:20 am #comment-1

    Thanks so much for featuring our application on your site! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

  2. Coder
    September 2, 2008
    9:07 am #comment-2

    Your site deserves it! 😉
    Its better than FeedBurner

    Thanks for such a wonderful website 😀

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