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WOW: Websites of the week

By Mohnish On December 9, 2008 Under Websites of the Week!


Today’s resource is meant for those who love Photoshop. The site houses and showcases some of the best photo-imaging tutorials that are explained in an approachable, and easy to understand manner. What’s more, it’s got some awesome freebies in terms of brushes and textures that you can use in your own digital work.


So you constantly upload photos to your Facebook and Orkut page, but many times, you feel the need to touch-up your photographs, or perhaps even resize them.

No Photoshop? No worries. Today’s resource is an online photo-editing tool that lets you resize, crop and rotate your pictures.

You can even colour-correct the images, add text and other snazzy effects to your photos.

Want your website featured here? Contact me on sensonize@gmail.com 😀


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  1. Free Xbox Live
    September 17, 2009
    7:17 am #comment-1

    looks like a BOORING Site but
    congratz to it.

  2. Yugioh
    December 10, 2010
    5:30 pm #comment-2

    It’s funny how anywhere I go and here the “sites of the week”, it is always of websites that I have never heard of. But they still do seem interesting and something worth checking in to. Thanks!

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