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WOW..Its back!

By Mohnish On March 24, 2009 Under Websites of the Week!

I used to post a short review on the new sites I dicover every week till December. I stopped posting it since I joined Twitter in January and then Twitter became a place for me to share these amazing websites. But I will continue posting them on my blog from today. I will be posting 3-5 websites/blogs/posts I discover every week on Sunday. If I don’t, remind me by shooting me an email 😉 (P.S I’m not being paid for this, but you can order a review for you website by visting my Advertising page)


 www.writeonit.org  Today’s site lets you create fake pictures, signboards, and even a fake magazine cover with your photo on it! The process is simple: Choose your activity; upload a photo or choose from an existing template; write your caption.

Voila! Your custom-made image is ready to be downloaded. Alternatively, you can even post it to your blog, social network, or photo-sharing site. Good for a few laughs…


Need a fast, no-frills image hosting site? Today’s resource offers an easy way to share images online: Upload your picture, generate a link and pass it on. No registrations, no photo editing, no ads – just no fuss!


fliggo.comFliggo makes it easy to create your own video-sharing page.After registering, users have to choose a title, a site name (such as sensonize.fliggo.com), and the type of video-sharing site you plan on having (open for all, an invitation-only video blog for friends, etc). And that’s all there is to it! Once you’re done, send out invites to start sharing those holiday clips.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Salwa
    March 25, 2009
    3:01 am #comment-1

    lol WriteOnIt.org sounds like a fun website. Will check it out. Thanks for the share!

  2. Free Xbox Live
    September 17, 2009
    7:15 am #comment-2

    looks like a awesome website,
    congratz to it.

  3. Natal Games
    February 8, 2010
    11:06 pm #comment-3

    It’s a great looking site! Thanks for sharing.

  4. cakes macclesfield
    November 9, 2010
    5:06 am #comment-4

    That’s such a good idea.

  5. Annihilation
    June 20, 2011
    11:04 pm #comment-5

    WriteOnIt, was perhaps one of my favorite sites back a couple years ago. It was such a blast to use, and being free was just a plus

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